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Leaf Blowers

History of Leaf Blowers:

Portable leaf blowers evolved from mistblowers intended to blow a chemical formulation in mist form on grapevines, fruits, vegetables or even tobacco, bananas and other vegetation. It soon became apparent that the powerful air stream could be used to blow leaves, debris and other materials more quickly and efficiently than sweeping or raking methods. As a result mist blowers without a formula tank became air leaf  blowers.

Present use of Leaf Blowers:

Solo manufactures the quietest leaf blowers available anywhere, with noise levels of 64.5 Db and 64.7 Db on the model 471 and 445. Even the most restrictive noise requirements are met. Three models provide powerful airstreams reaching 705 cubic feet per minute. Blowing leaves, debris and general clean up has never been easier or quieter.

Choosing a Leaf blower:

Choose the model 445 leaf air blower with 36cc powerplant when a real lightweight but powerful unit is needed.
Choose the model 471 leaf air blower with its 53cc powerplant when more air volume and velocity is needed.

Leaf Blower features to look for:

  • Long running time - 2 hours per tank of fuel
  • Light weight - 18 or 22 lbs
  • Low emission - catalytic convention equipped
  • Throttle "Cruise Control" - throttle can be set to relieve operator fatigue
  • Comfortable design which distributes blower weight between shoulders and hips
  • Primer for easy starting
  • Noise level - below 65 Db

[ See Our Leaf Blowers ]


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