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Chain Saws

History of Chain Saws
Felling trees with one and two man saws supplemented with axes was the tree cutting technology used until the 19th century. Steam, electric and internal combustion engines were all adapted to a variety of tools to make woodcutting easier and more efficient.

The tools evolved and by the 1930's a saw that we would recognize as a chain saw was developed in Germany. Chain saws evolved from two man units to lighter weight, one-man operable units. Die cast aluminum and magnesium components further reduced weight and more powerful direct drive engines speeded cutting in conjunction with development of the "chipper" type chain still in use today.

The Solo Story
In late 1940's and early 1950's Solo became a leader in small engine products for tilling, spraying, pumping and sawing. Innovative lightweight, direct drive power saws with single and twin cylinder engines led the industry.

Today Solo produces a complete family of chain saws ranging from small homeowner, do it yourselfer models, through a full mid-size line up ideal individuals with bigger jobs like cutting firewood, lot clearing or orchard work. Professional saws in the line meet every need from trimming fruit trees, arborist work, to thinning operations and on up to felling big timber.
Solo makes a saw that's right for you.

How to choose a chain saw? Among the consideration are:
Safety/Emission Control
Easy Starting
Fuel Economy/Weight/Power
Cutting Length/Speed

All Solo chain saws are equipped with safety devices, which meet the American National Standards Institute…ANSI B 175 Standard. Emissions are carefully controlled meeting both state and federal requirements!
Reduces kickback chain, chain brakes, chain catchers, vibration isolation, large mufflers, fully adjustable oilers and ergonomically product design are things to look for when choosing a saw.

Ease of starting is enhanced with electronic ignition systems that automatically Retard and advance spark. Compression releases on model 636, 645 and 650 make cranking easier by releasing compression during the starting phase.

Power to weight and fuel consumption ratios on Solo chain saws is excellent. Starting with weight under ten pounds supplying 2 hp and on up 7 hp for large professional saws. Each unit designed and built to accommodate its recommended length. Outstanding power is provided and smoothed by an integral vibration isolation system. Super fuel economy is achieved with Solo "four transfer port" technology.

Cutting Length/Speed
Cutting length bears and chains are available from 14" to 43" according to saw configuration and need. Saws can generally fell trees double their cutting capacity. Among other things you should consider is your height when choosing a chain saw. Longer bar length reduces the amount of bending needed. Remember most bucking and limbing is done with the tree on the ground, no upright hence the need to bend. You can expect a midrange Solo with 18" bar and chain to cut through 1 12"oak log in ____.

Satisfaction is our goal and we know that the safety, ergonomic, outstanding power, comfort and economy built into Solo products will, not, only satisfy you, but also, make you pleased enough to recommend our products to others. 1100 dealers offer nationwide support. Solo your best choice of all around performance and satisfaction!

Solo chain saws are mid range in price and offer great value for your money. Each chain saw has a Consumer and Commercial warranty of 2 years.

[ See Our Chain Saws ]


Solo - your best choice of all around performance and satisfaction!
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