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Brush Cutters
Portable String trimmers,  Weedeaters


Individually operated weed cutting devices have been used for centuries whether large or small, these brush cutters were usually a type of scythe. Portable engine powered tools with a spinning blade gained acceptance in the 1950's. It's generally accepted that an American invented the Weedeater, which was an electrically powered motor, spinning a string like material. Weedeater is the commonly used vernacular to describe the many tools used to cut weeds with a portable power source.

Solo Story

Solo developed 2 cycle powered brush cutting trimmers in the 1950's and continued to develop the engine and design technology needed to provide lightweight power, efficiency and durability for brush cutters and string trimmers.

Modern Brush Cutters

Since String trimmers, Weedeaters and blade capable brush cutters use a spinning head and single cylinder engine, a great deal of vibration is generated as the spinning stringhead or blade do their work. Solo brush cutter units use a unique dual vibration control system to keep vibration isolated from the hands and arms of the operator. This reduces fatigue and makes the work easier. Features that make starting easier, edging a snap, improve operator comfort and convenience are all standard, on these mid-price range units.

Today Solo manufactures a complete line of 2 cycle engine powered string trimmers and brush cutters which can meet virtually every need.

Model Type

Low Cost Disposable (not available)

    Medium Duty Brush Cutters

117  121L  129L  129B
Engine  Solo 2-cycle  Solo 2-cycle   Solo 2-cycle Solo 2-cycle
Displacement  25cc  25cc  29cc  29cc
Power PK (HP)  0.75 (1.0)  0.75 (1.0)  1.1 (1.43)  1.1 (1.43)
Fuel Tank Capacity in Liter  0.5qt  0.5qt  0.5qt  0.5qt
Handle  Loop  Loop  Loop  Bicycle
Weight  9.4lb  9.9lb  9.9lb  10.8lb


     Heavy Duty Brush Cutters

140  152
Engine  Solo 2-cycle  Solo 2-cycle
Displacement cc  40cc  52cc
Power PK (HP) 2.6hp  2.8hp
Fuel Tank Capacity  0.6qt  0.9qt
Handle Bicycle  Bicycle
Weight  18.4lb  20.2lb

Solo your best choice for all around performance and satisfaction.

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Solo - your best choice of all around performance and satisfaction!
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